Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Brownstone Laudromat


J$ said...

should be renamed "brick walkup laundry"...that's no brownstone. great sign though.

Jason J. Gullickson said...

Utterly fascinating.

I'm working on a book, which I then intend to adapt as a film (or vice-versa) on the Laundromat (or as I prefer, Washateria) and I was dumbfounded to find anyone else out there with a simular interest in the subject.

I'm not sure what draws me to them, most likely some tramatic childhood incident that is going to come screeming back to me when I'm out on the road making the film/book and miles away from help and home.

We should chat, if you're interested visit and fill out the form, then we can exchange emails in a less potentially spam-inducing way.


Jason J. Gullickson
the second society