Friday, November 16, 2007

Here in the 5 boroughs of NYC these places are part of our lives, a place we visit regularly, hangover or no. Another kind of watering hole. Things happen there: socks disappear, we prepare for another week, cel phones get ruined and once in a while, maybe, people hook up. And these places often photograph very well.

The laudercenter on Prospect Park West between 16th and Windsor works the red and white combo. Photographed on Halloween 2007, a beautiful evening. I love the way the e's look like backwards 3. They also look like sideways butts or boobs depending on your preference. I enjoy the ultra clean way the white chair looks against the orange/red panels. I am quite sure it really wasn't that clean. My son went in to trick or treat but couldn't find anyone. A few minutes later a man came out with candy but it seemed like my son had lost interest by then. The drama of the missed connection plays out once again.

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